Mayford Heritage Pond


A total of 75 species of moths have so far been recorded here.  This has been achieved mainly by the use of a mercury vapour moth trap, which is a very bright light that lures moths in, and then we are able to identify them.  Most species caught have been common, but there have also been 10 Local species including; Rosy Footman, Scorched Carpet, and Blotched Emerald.  The results of our moth trapping are sent to the Surrey Wildlife Trust and to the County Moth recorder.

  Scientific Name English Name National status
  Micro Moths    
   Adela reammurella   Common
   Archips xylosteana Variegated Golden Tortrix Common
   Epiphyas postvittana Light Brown Apple Moth Common
   Celypha lacuana   Common
   Cydia splendana   Local
   Cydia pomonella Codling Moth Common
   Endothenia gentianeana   Local
   Eucosma cana   Common
   Crambus pascuella   Common
   Crambus perlella   Common
   Agriphila straminella   Common
   Agriphila geniculea   Common
   Donacaula forficella   Common
   Scoparia ambigualis   Common
   Pleuroptya ruralis Mother-of-Pearl Common
   Nymphula stagnata Beautiful Chinamark Common
   Elophila nymphaeata Brown Chinamark Common
   Acentria ephemerlla Water Veneer Common
   Carcina quercana   Common
   Emmelina monodactyla Common Plume Moth Common
   Pterophorus pentadactyla White Plume Moth Common
  Macro Moths    
   Zeuzera pyrina Leopard Moth Common
   Zygaena filipendulae 6-spot Burnet Common
   Watsonalla binaria Oak Hook-tip Common
   Habrosyne pyritoides Buff Arches Common
   Comibaena bajularia Blotched Emerald Local
   Cyclophora linearia Clay Triple Lines Local
   Idaea aversata Riband Wave Common
   Ecliptopera silaceata Small Phoenix Common
   Perizoma alchemillata Small Rivulet Common
   Eupithecia centaureata Lime-speck Pug Common
   Eupithecia tripunctaria White-spotted Pug Local
   Pasiphila rectangulata Green Pug Common
   Gymnoscelis rufifasciata Double-striped Pug Common
   Acasis viretata Yellow-barred Brindle Local
   Ligdia adustata Scorched Carpet Local
   Macaria liturata Sharp-angled Peacock Local
   Chiasmia clathrata Latticed Heath Common
   Opisthograptis luteolata Brimstone Moth Common
   Biston betularia Peppered Moth Common
   Alcis repandata repandata Mottled beauty Common
   Deilephila elpenor Elephant Hawk-moth Common
   Notodonta dromedaries Iron Prominent Common
   Pheosia tremula Swallow Prominent Common
   Euproctis similes Yellow-tail Common
   Miltochrista miniata Rosy Footman Local
   Cybosia mesomella Four-dotted Footman Local
   Eilema lurideola Common Footman Common
   Tyria jacobaeae Cinnabar Moth Common
   Agrotis clavis Heart and Club Common
   Agrotis exclamationis Heart and Dart Common
   Agrotis puta puta Shuttle-shaped Dart Common
   Ochropleura plecta Flame Shoulder Common
   Noctua pronuba Large Yellow Underwing Common
   Noctua comes Lesser Yellow Underwing Common
   Noctua janthina Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing Common
   Xestia c-nigrum Setaceous Hebrew Character Common
   Xestia xanthographa Square Spot Rustic Common
   Tholera decimalis Feathered Gothic Common
   Mythimna impure Smoky Wainscot Common
   Mythimna pallens Common Wainscot Common
   Mythimna comma Shoulder-striped Wainscot Common
   Cryphia domestica Marbled Beauty Common
   Amphipyra pyramidea Copper Underwing Common
   Mormo maura Old Lady Common
   Cosmia trapezina Dun-bar Common
   Apamea monoglypha Dark Arches Common
   Apamea lithoxylaea Light Arches Common
   Oligia latruncula Tawny Marbled Minor (probably) Common
   Mesapamea secalis/didyma Common/Lesser Common Rustic Common
   Hoplodrina ambigua Vine's Rustic Common
   Pseudoips prasinana britannica Green silver-lines Common
   Diachrysia chrysitis juncta Burnished Brass Common
   Autographa gamma Silver Y Common
   Rivula sericealis Straw Dot Common
   Hypena proboscidalis The Snout Common