Mayford Heritage Pond

Amphibians and Reptiles

It is no great surprise to find that Britainís three commonest amphibians have all colonized and regularly breed in the pond.  The Common Frog, Common Toad, and Smooth Newt are most obvious during the spring time breeding season.  At other times of the year young froglets and toadlets can be found in the grassland, whilst in winter the adults of all three can be found hibernating under stones and logs.

One of the most pleasant surprises we have had at Mayford Pond is the successful breeding every year since 2003 of a Grass Snake.  The adult female can occasionally be seen hunting for frogs in the pond, while her young secrete themselves in the surrounding grassland. These snakes are perfectly harmless and can easily be identified by the yellow collar at the back of the head.  Though usually green they can vary greatly in colour.

English Name Scientific Name National Status Comments
Common Frog Rana temporaria Common Breeding
Common Toad Bufo bufo Common Breeding
Smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris Common Breeding
Grass Snake Natrix natrix Common Breeding