Mayford Heritage Pond

Pictures of the pond's reconstruction

Saturday 27th September, 1997

The original pond had completely disappeared, so work had to start by creating a hollow for the new pond. The picture shows the excavator which was used to create a rough hollow. This was then shaped with the help of many volunteers to form a smooth depression with a central deeper area.

Sunday 28th September, 1997

The work of the excavator has been completed and the team of volunteers is shaping the pond hollow ready for the lining to be installed.  There is a deeper area in the middle of the pond (6ft deep when full) that will continue to hold water during periods of drought.

Sunday 28th September, 1997

At this stage the soil in the pond's base had been hand-picked to remove any stones that could puncture the lining.  The pile of soil in the background is the spoil from the sieving.

Sunday 12th October, 1997

Here you can see a part of the grey hessian sheeting used to cover the butyl liner for extra protection.  On top of this, a layer of sieved soil and then a layer of sand was put down for plants to set root in.  The layer of sand was used to stop the soil being washed away when it was originally filled with water.

Wednesday 22nd October, 1997

The pond soon after being initially filled with water.

Saturday 25th October, 1997

Volunteers are landscaping the pond's surrounds, using the spoil of excess soil and stones from the sieving process.  This was used to create small mounds around the back and front areas, which were to become part of the wildlife-rich grassland.

Sunday 26th October, 1997

Finally some turf was laid over the edges of the pond and some plants were planted in and around the pond.

Monday 10th November, 1997

This is the day of the grand opening. Here several of the team were helping to prepare for this event.

Monday 10th November, 1997

Councillor Rosie Sharpley congratulated the villagers on their restored pond.

Monday 10th November, 1997

After the formal opening, there was a champagne reception to celebrate the successful completion of this phase of the project.